Freeview 'Idents'

Freeview is built into all modern TVs and gives you free access to 70 channels. To make the brand feel like part of the world of telly, Anomaly's ECD Oli Beale had the idea of making ads like channel idents, with a continuity-style voiceover that's contextual to what you're watching. Here are a bunch we've written.

Aired during the new series of The Crystal Maze on Channel 4.

This set of three ads aired during the live Channel 4 chat show The Last Leg, and were based on what viewers had just seen in the show. We were sent the script and had just a couple of hours to write, get approvals, and record the spots.

Aired during The Jump on Channel 4, in which celebrities take on winter sports.

We aired six ads over Christmas Day and Boxing Day which were contextual to the time of day, making it feel like Mr Freeview was enjoying the festivities with you.

Aired during The Last Leg, a live Friday night comedy show on Channel 4.

Written, recorded and aired during The Last Leg. The hosts had been discussing an online competition to name Oldham Council's new road gritter.